Alessandro Paiardini (AP) was appointed Associate Professor at the Department of Biochemical Sciences (Sapienza University, Rome) in 2017. Awarded by the Interdepartmental Research Centre for Models and Information Analysis in Biomedical Systems for the best Thesis in 2001, AP completed his formal training with a PhD in Biochemical Sciences in 2005. During his PhD, he gained significant expertise in the development and application of computational tools, e.g., homology modelling, molecular dynamics, docking and evolutionary analysis, and the basis for a long-standing interest in Structural Biology. In 2006, after a post-doctoral research on "Post-genomic Structural Biology", he was appointed Research Scientist at the Department of Biochemical Sciences (Sapienza University). In the following years, he undertook a number of studies on protein targets for the development of therapeutic agents. In order to tackle these issues, the PI acquired experience in protein crystallography, programming skills in C, C++ and Python. In the last years, AP has established and coordinates an independent research group involved in studying protein interactions with peptides, small molecules and inhibitors. During this time, the PI has contributed to the identification of small molecule inhibitors for a broad and diverse range of targets.