What former participants say about us


General feedback:

„I was really impressed by the Summer school. I loved everything and would not change a thing! Thank You all!„

„It was better than expected! I strengthened my experience with the bioinformatic methodology, which I had used before school, and broadened it with theoretical and practical knowledge.“

„I got more knowledge in the bioinformatics field and understand how some important platforms like R work. I feel more confident after the workshop and I believe it helped me a lot to expand my horizons regarding bioinformatics.“

„Loved everything, keep on with organizing the school! I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues!“

„Lectures were interesting and great, but the best part of the School for me was group training, because it was practical.“

„The project work was the highlight – the collaboration with other attendees who worked on the same project and consultations with the trainers.“


Feedback on trainers:

„The trainers were 110% professional and more than willing to teach us. They made an enormous effort to prepare exceptionally excellent presentations and tutorials. What impressed me was the easiness with which they gave all the lectures, answered the questions, and guided us through the practicals. Of course, the highlights of the school were the project – interesting, innovative, and with the goals made achievable thanks to the trainers and their assistants, who encouraged us to follow our own ideas, make questions and, also, mistakes, from which we also gained precious experience.“

„I am very satisfied with the trainer's feedback, they were fantastic and available for any question in any time.“

„It was great and I was surprised on how much help and information they give us in such a small time.“


Usefulness for current research and future plans:

„Practical experience in protein-protein interactions would enhance my future research in translating proteomic research results into the feasible easy-to-use diagnostic tools.“

„I got some tips for improving my R programming skill and will use learned methods / programs for my research.“

„I will use them for my future work in transcriptomic, metagenomic. I like the lecture about R and more specifically, the project we got hand on linux and data analysis using R. Really usefull and I will use all these information in my future work.“

„I feel more competent about analysing metadata obtained from publicly available databases.“